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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Sign of The Times!

The Times may have changed quite a bit since Murdoch got his hands on it but that's no excuse for the BNP to manhandle a reporter in such a way that he nearly got his nose ripped off. Dominic Kennedy is quite at liberty to write what he wants to write. If the BNP bosses think this behaviour is likely to get them votes then they are living in a dream world. If Nick Griffin thinks that the House of Commons will be a delight, he needs to tone things down. In the unlikely event of him being elected he better not let his goons near the place. Anyway, he will be on his own.

This picture is a good example of why nationalist politics is so odious. Mr Kennedy was only doing his job in a democratic environment. I'd give them a wide berth but then I'm not an investigations reporter.


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