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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lecturers praise student violence

It comes to something when those who are supposed to be teaching others take lessons from the would-be taught. And learn that several wrongs make a very bad right! The demonstration about student fees started well enough. But it was hijacked by a bunch of middle class hotheads whipped up by anarchists and all other types of anti-democratic street fighters.

Lecturers, from Goldsmiths, University of London, have proclaimed in a missive, "We the undersigned wish to congratulate staff and students on the magnificent anti-cuts demonstration this afternoon. The events demonstrate the deep hostility in the UK towards the cuts proposed in the Comprehensive Spending Review. We hope that this marks the beginning of a sustained defence of public services and welfare provision as well as higher education." They said nothing about vandalism, bludgeoning police officers and nearly trying to kill a policeman by throwing a heavy fire extinguisher from the roof of Millbank, where the Tories have their HQ. Staff of other offices in the building were frightened and waitresses in a coffee shop were trapped for over three hours.

These lecturers are a witless bunch who have suddenly let their brains hit the floor. They need to look in a mirror and think about whether trying to kill people is a perfectly acceptable activity whilst demonstrating. I wonder if a smile will come on their faces?

Nobody has said that peaceful demonstrating is wrong. How could they? It is part of our democratic system. What is wrong is trying to inflict pain, misery and generally acting as if other people's lives are of no consequence.


Here's my headline: "Journalists are lying arseholes"

No, wait, a few are. But that would ruin my emotive headline wouldn't it, and my attempt to smear all academics as I attempt to support right-wing slash and burn cuts to higher education....?

I don't think I was "attempting to smear all academics". Can't think where you got that from. It was purely about particular lecturers. I note that you do not comment on the very serious incident with the fire extinguisher. Maybe that's too philosophical at the moment?

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