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Friday, January 21, 2011

Alan Johnson not protected by a fair cop!

Alan Johnson's resignation was described as a personal affair. When I told my wife I thought he should have just said he wanted a change of job she said that it wouldn't be left there. "You know the press," she said, "they'll keep digging". They didn't need long to find out that his quitting the front bench was after his wife was alleged to have had an affair with his police bodyguard. That's a bit rich. The constable is now being quizzed.

I think it is now up to the police to envigorate their staff and remind them that undercover work or protection work is no excuse for philandering. I well remember watching a play by Jack Rosenthal about The Knowledge, when would-be taxi drivers had to ride around London memorising street names. One of the cabbies had a mistress. He told one young lad that, in his opinion, the knowledge was the "best thing in the whole history of how's your father!".

It seems such attitudes have pernmeated the police. Apart from the dwindling band of milkmen, policemen are the last lot likely to be tempted in such a way. We have only recently heard of such straying, but are there more?

Alan Johnson is liked by all sides of the House. He apparently is a great one to have at dinner parties. Baroness Warsi take note! He does not deserve to be cuckolded in such a way. I hope it all works out for him whilst he takes a step back from front line politics.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/2011/01/21/alan-johnson-quits-as-shadow-chancellor-amid-claims-wife-had-affair-with-his-bodyguard-115875-22864296/#ixzz1BfHyxpAU
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