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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Facebook faces of Vincent Tabak

Facebook is keen on faces. Join up and you post a face online. Sometimes in the most comical of poses. Vincent Tabak is seen on Facebook in various guises. One in a bow tie, one by Stonehenge. The photos look like anyone's snaps. Why did I see these? Because they are plastered all over The Sun's website. Why is that? Because Vincent Tabak has been arrested on suspicion of murder in the Jo Yeates case.

Fifty years ago no such stuff would be available to see. Not even ten years ago. It's a salutory lesson for all of us. Anyone could be caught up in a criminal investigation. Now we can have, if we've posted Facebook with holiday snaps, our old polaroids and grainy pics pored over. "Look at her! Is that really him? Is that his mother? Did she have hair like that then?" and so on, and so on.

The police are still saying they don't have a name to give for the person they arrested. Fair enough. Quite right of them. But things do leak out and when they do our modern obessions are going to meet traditional moralising. Two and two are still making ten.

It would help all concerned in this murder investigation if the culprit owned up. But that would be asking too much of human nature. So, in the absence of such a revelation, we should all be wary of what we think we see. They say the camera never lies, but I have my doubts about believing all we see in Facebook photos.


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