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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jewish groups regret Sarah Palin's ignorance of blood libel meaning

The Anti-Defamation League, America's top body for countering defamation against Jews (and others as well) calls Sarah Palin's use of "Blood Libel" unfortunate. It stops short of accusing her of defaming anyone as this was not her intention. However, her remarks have exposed her as an ignoramus (not for the first time) and one wholly unsuitable to be in the higher echelons of the Republican Party.

Apparently Palin had seen the term used on right-wing blogs (probably not that clever) and took to the term. If she thought she had been wronged she has gone about it it all the wrong way. Now she'll have to backtrack rather speedily. She's got foot-in-mouth syndrome. What she needs is a good mentor. Someone to put her on the right tracks. Otherwise she will just become known as some kookie mom-type figure who has a reputation for clueless remarks.

Not exactly what we need in the White House!


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