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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sarah Palin more sure about White House run

Sarah Palin does have one thing in common with the wild animals that surround her in Alaska. She has a tough hide! She's not bothered much about what is said about her. Which in one way is admirable. However, I don't think she stands much credit or merit for being put before the American people as a candidate for the presidency.

She talks about business doing the stuff of government. That government should be wound down. Sounds good, but all business needs a market to succeed. Her simple solutions do not create markets.

She talks about lowering taxes, yet would spend what it takes to fight wars, especially in Afghanistan. So no charity at home, where most think it should start.

She talks about Christian values, yet, as in the clip below, she likens humans to a mother bear. Sort of survival of the fittest. So if you are in any way physically or mentally disabled, then don't complain if you can't get at the salmon too quickly.

All her rhetoric is simple and rather cruel in all honesty. She sees it as her own reality. Personally, I just see a woman who is hard as nails underneath with not a lot of the caring soul about her. I wish I didn't think like that. She has hijacked the word conservative and given it a thorough going over. Out comes an altogether different meaning. Authoritarian, ruthless and rather dispassionate.

I feel I'm a conservative. I wish to conserve what is good about the human condition and change what needs changing. Maybe I'm oldfashioned. Anyway, she's at home on Fox News. Nobody there got where they are without fangs and finely-toned fingers!


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