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Thursday, March 24, 2011

George Osborne to watch fuel prices 'like a hawk'

The eyes have it!
It's good to hear that the windfall tax on oil companies announced in the Budget will not be passed on to motorists in higher fuel prices.  George Osborne says ministers will be "watching like hawks" and will be wanting to "make sure" the tax rise is not passed on to motorists. I hope his talons are sharpened. A visit to his manicurist may be in order.

The Budget was like a curate's egg. Good in parts. Still no mention of clawing back the tax that large corporations just don't pay. Maybe the hawks have diplopia like me. In which case a good pair of spectacles might help or a hawk with gimlet eyes!


I knew that Brown was a turnip, but to be fair it seems that Osborne is also.
An alert primary school boy will be able to work out that all costs MUST be passed on to the consumer in one form or another. ALL.

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