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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Son writes off his dad's £275,000 supercar!

Gumpert Apollo just Brokdorf
A 20-year-old has written off his dad's £275,000 Gumpert Apollo after taking it for a spin in Germany. He lost control of the rear wheel drive supercar on a sharp bend near Brokdorf, just north of Hamburg. "It just Brokdorf Dad!" According to the BBC German police are investigating whether he was speeding when he lost control of the car on the 50mph road. This is important, according to my wife, who knows about continental driving, as the insurance covers the car rather than the driver (so additional drivers can drive at the policyholders discretion). If the police can confirm the young man was speeding the insurance company can decline to pay out. This difference of insurance thinking is down to the fact that Germany has four lagre and powerful car manufacturers who don't want their cars "slowed down" by interfering rules and details. Subsequently there is no set speed limit (except for particular vehicles). Germans know that if they break speed limits they virtually become their own insurers.

Considering Allianz (a German insurance giant) is so prominent in Britain, couldn't they offer us some German style motor insurance? After all, it's a common market! One for Nigel Farage, I think.


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