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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cameron's goose gets booed by Philip Davies MP

"Who said boo?"
I was intrigued to see how quickly the Conservative Party dropped Philip Davies like a lead balloon. He is the MP who said it might be better if disabled, in his point mentally disabled, people took jobs at a lower rate than the minimum wage. It was immediately seized upon by the great and the good as being a preposterous thing to think. As if they are the divinely appointed keepers of the nation's conscience!

There is a priggish pomposity about these days when it comes to social politics. Whether it be about the disabled, ethnic minorities, gays or whatever, any comments, thoughts or remarks outside the liberal intellegentsia's code of ethical correctness and you get pilloried as a vile creep that needs exterminating. Basically they want the person to shut up. You have to have the hide of a rhinoceros to fend them off.

Last night on Newsnight Mr.Davies took on a priggish woman from Mind. She dismissed him like a grande dame with a fly swat. He gamely advised her that he was not advocating that they must take lowly paid work, just that it might help them with work experience if they did. She was having none of it, yet did not seem to have much to say on how she would improve matters. I got the impression she'd rather they sat about all day doing nothing rather than capitulate to any argument other than her own.

Now I'd say that disabled people were just as worthy of hire as anyone else. However, here the discussion centred on the mentally ill. Mind feels that employers should "be educated" but exactly how I'm not sure. Such indoctrination by the liberal elite would no doubt be scary. The woman on Newsnight implied that all jobs should be open to those with mentally ill conditions. Sad to say, I find this a crazed argument indeed. I can't imagine a clinically depressed person selling wares over the phone with much degree of commercial success. Maybe I'm wrong, but employers in these straightened times need help and advice rather than shrill admonitions.

David Cameron is signed up to the liberal agenda even if he doesn't practice every element of it. Mr.Davies just fell foul of the free speech threshold. Set ridiculously low at present. I doubt if any politician who happens to be Catholic and relates church teaching on marriage would get very far these days. Look at what happened to Chris Grayling. His opinions were trampled on with a grapecrusher's vengeance. Mr.Cameron is a very shock-proof goose. Witness the surgeon in Guy's berating the camera crew for unhealthy hospital practices. Mr.Cameron was totally unruffled. Which is not quite what Nick Clegg was. (video below)

Free speech is vital in a democracy. I just find it rather sad that some are quite keen to shout others down in a haughty pompous way, yet have nothing significant to add to the debate. As the woman from Mind showed.


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