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Monday, October 03, 2011

Amanda Knox freed on appeal from Italian jail

Amanda Knox weeps as she leaves court
Amanda Knox has spent four years in jail for something she didn't do. That is, murder another young woman called Meredith Kercher. I'm very glad that somebody who didn't commit a crime is freed. To be in jail for something you did not do, something as heinous as murder, must be a terrible thing. You know the truth, but everyone around you keeps saying, "yeah, yeah, they all say that!". How does one cope?

It also occurs to me that had this crime been committed in Texas or a bunch of other states, Miss Knox would be on Death Row. Or maybe not. Anyway, those who have been clamouring for her release are quite likely to be the same as those hollering for more intravenous deaths. Time to reflect.

This case is unsatisfactory, though. Whilst Miss Knox goes free the parents and family of Meredith Kercher have to wonder what happens next. Their daughter did not commit suicide, she was murdered. But by whom? The DNA evidence is to all intents and purposes  tainted and corrupted. The circumstantial evidence, of which there was plenty, is just that. The Italian prosecuting authorities have no more to go on. No solid evidence. A killer is out there. Can the Italians cope with finding the perpetrator? I got the impression that they didn't want this to continue. But an appeal should be granted on facts rather than a desire to see the case over. Low on facts high on drama. Not a good basis for justice.

Now its said that Amanda Knox is set to make millions. The unscrupulous media that is American Television is falling over itself to make blockbuster after miniseries after tv movie par excellence. You can be sure the scripts won't be that accurate. "Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent" - that sort stuff. Much as I welcome Amanda Knox's acquittal I do hope that those seeking wealth and fortune take time out to reflect on true justice and the real truth itself.


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