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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mad Dog Muammar Gaddafi gunned down in Sirte

Two faces of a two-faced tyrant
So they finally got him. Dead but not buried. The Muslim method of burial is pretty quick, so he will be six feet under by sundown tomorrow. That's the end of Colonel Gaddafi. He's not the last brutal dictator. There never seems to be an end to characters with an idea in their heads that they can rule their people with an iron fist and then try to curry favour with them. The vast majority of Libyans were sick and tired of him and his family. Any idea where they've salted away the cash? That's the next big question. Not only were they brutal they also had a penchant for robbing the state coffers. Criminals one and all.

The next on the list, and they are not in any particular order, are the scruffy little git running Iran, the demented generals of Burma, the evil gang in North Korea and the smarmy Syrian quietly murdering his people. It would also be nice to see the back of Mugabe, the wretch in charge of Belarus and that appalling man in the Yemen.

Gaddafi may be about to grovel in front of his Maker, but there is still work to be done on sorting out a few more tyrants. Of course, if we didn't have western leaders sucking up to these nasties, it would be lot easier to get rid of them. Money is at the heart of it all. I bet Tony Blair discussed a few deals in that tent in the desert. Fancy glad-handing it with Gaddafi!

Libyans can now look forward to a decent future. I'm looking forward to the tourist industry getting going. Loads to see in Libya. It'll be the new holiday destination.


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