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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rick Perry fumbles as he mumbles in GOP debate

Rick Perry teases out a thought as Ron Paul looks on
Rick Perry got into a mix-up with his lines in the GOP debate. He sort of laughed it off. Then afterwards thought the whole idea of debates not really for him. So guess what? People are wondering if he's going to throw in the towel. He isn't, but he's not helping himself.

I don't think Perry is up to being president. Not because he fluffed what he wanted to say, but because he made a big deal out of it. We've all made an error or two when speaking in public, for those of us who have done it. But the art is being able to think on your feet. Perry seemed to think that his mistake was not looking good on TV. Ridiculous. It was his inability to correct his error in any coherent way. Now he's the subject of ridicule rather than admiration. Pity for him.

Here's a good example of Rick Perry stumbling over his thoughts. He's not expected to know everything but surely this is not good -


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