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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mitt Romney wins by 8 votes in Iowa caucuses

Mitt Romney waves at those eight voters in the hall
Winston Churchill once said that one only needed one extra vote to win. Winning is all that counts on election night. Mitt Romney managed to get eight more Republican Iowans on his side than Rick Santorum did. And winning means people talk more about the winner when they realise who won. Mitt Romney travels to New Hampshire in much the same way as a contestant on Celebrity Coach Trip. "Ooh, Mitt, you won! And eight votes in it. You devil, you. Hey, listen up, everyone. Mitt won his election!"

However, he got only a quarter of the vote, which can also be read that three-quarters rejected him. 122,255 eager voters braved the elements to cast votes for delegates who are not mandated to vote in the convention for their man. Mitt might have a load flip-floppers do deal with now. He got 30,015 closely followed by Rick Santorum's pack of 30,007. Nail-bitingly close. Ron Paul's vote was 26,219 which was a respectable 21% in a such a tight contest.

Full result was -

Mitt Romney 30,015 votes (25%)
Rick Santorum 30,007 votes (25%)
Ron Paul 26,219 votes (21%)
Newt Gingrich 16,251 votes (13%)
Rick Perry 12,604 votes (10%)
Michele Bachmann 6,073 votes (5%)
Jon Huntsman 745 votes (1%)

The Iowa vote may be a case of the bottom candidate bows out, but I think that if they all stick around we may get a few surprises on the campaign trail with regard to results. However, Mitt Romney won and he deserves to smile a bit. He must have felt a bit like a pork butcher at a bar mitzvah by going to Iowa. Must have been those sausages he had on offer.


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