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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Livelylefty and the trolls on the BBC website attack religion

Baroness Warsi speaks out about marginalising religion
Baroness Warsi came out with a fairly reasoned piece in The Daily Telegraph about the marginalisation of Christianity in Britain. The BBC reported this and got a hefty 1943 comments. The top one voted a plus was from Livelylefty, who said this -

"can we stop pandering to this nonsense? Do you know why religion is under threat? Because its a ridiculous anachronism that has no place in modern society or the modern mind. It was an out-dated way to explain things that we now explain with science, and is nothing but a hangover from a way to control the Medieval masses. Grow up, if it is actually the truth of the universe, it can defend itself"

He, or she (I think he), got top votes at 487. Most of the following contributions are all similar with attacks on religion or the religious. Now I don't have any problem with Livelylefty's ideas as comments, but they do have a veiled threat in them. That is the "no place in modern society" bit. Left as a comment there is no problem but given that quite a few people are getting aggressively secularist, we now have to watch those who would deny some the right to choose a belief. Mocking beliefs is one thing, trying to outlaw them is quite another. The communist Soviets and Chinese have tried that and it does not work. I'd loathe to think that an insidious version was taking root in Britain. Baroness Warsi is quite right to speak out. I just hope David Cameron, a wilting member of the Church of England, can be given a shot of moral fibre to stiffen his sinews. No good having a prime minister who lets dangerous cats out of paper bags.


I think the aggressiveness is a result of the history of religion as a dominating force. For a few decades the church has mostly lost its power to interfere in our lives and political process, but over the last few years there have been dangerous signs of a religious resurgence. The aggressiveness comes from those of us who wish to make quite clear that we will not allow our secular state to once again fall under the sway of archaic mysticism.

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