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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mitt Romney to be on a right-wing rollercoaster

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich taking it all in
Politics is a rough trade. But then so are quite a few other occupations. Even those who profess to be charitable in their daily lives can be quite uncharitable at times. The General Synod of the Church of England is even marred by fits of unholy talk. Politics is expected to be rough and ready, especially in a democracy. The United States likes to think it is the biggest and best democracy, but it is really a representative-based meritocracy where those who get to represent merit more than those who just vote. There's also a vast disparity in democratic process. In the Republican primaries, some get to vote and others get to discuss and choose. In some state primaries the winner takes all the delegates, whilst in others the delegates are shared out. The whole system seems skewed in favour of party machines. I've asked quite a few Americans over the years what they think of voting and, regardless of allegiance, there's nearly always a shrug of the shoulders or a vague of sniff of bewilderment. Nothing comes near to them actually feeling great about it all.

The Republican primaries are causing Mitt Romney to have a real headache. Already labelled a flipflopper, he's now had his frontrunner status severely battered by Rick Santorum of late and Newt Gingrich awhile ago in South Carolina. Now he's going to get a rough ride from the right. Modern day campaigns are controlled by the party through the press and TV and uncontrolled by the supporters and activists through the internet. It is the internet that has made this Republican contest such a bumpy ride. Every bit of campaign rhetoric from each of the candidates is tossed about the web for comment and spin. Romney is getting the worst of it. A lot of his lines are taken out of context, but that does not matter to his opponents. Who said what where is not really relevant. It's all about perception and trying to slag off the other guy.

We can't turn back the tide but we can make sure the tide does not spew up stuff that will infect us. Political pollution, I suppose. The Tea Party that has brought so much to the table resembles more that of the Mad Hatter than one offered by the vicar. The adherents of this movement appear to live in a world where it's all baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. Plus a good dose of the protestant work ethic. Mitt Romney is out on a limb here. The Financial Times reports that a Republican primary voter, Josef Lipp, a bearded 23-year-old who helps produce “values” documentaries, summed up the thoughts of many conservatives with four simple words - “Mitt Romney scares me.” But what scares me is the whole process. It's like a great exorcism carried on over months. One day Mitt gets his devils paraded, then it's Newt's turn. The good parts of their characters are left behind. I just wonder if the process is as good as it was intended to be. Whoever gets to be the nominee will be too exhausted to become president.

If the right of the Republican Party thinks that by giving Mitt Romney a rough ride they are enhancing the image of the GOP I think they are mistaken. Let's be positive rather than negative. With negatives all one sees is an image with little clarity. It's the positive picture they should be showing us.


The right of the republican party is giving Mitt a rough ride because they want to knock him off his horse. As a conservative republican i would not vote for him even in the general election.

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