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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday, Ron Paul and the Future!

Super Tuesday is here - Republican contests in 10 states
Today is Super Tuesday, so called because ten states get to do it all together. Vote in primaries and caucuses that is. The Republican Party is soon to know who is likely to be the candidate. I don't think this will decide anything, though. That will be at the convention, when the voters will take a side step and watch the delegates swap opinions and possibly swap sides. Some delegates are more equal than others, but then some voters get a better result than others. This is not a contest where everyone gets the same participation other than their ability to speak freely. Democracy is managed and managed reasonably well as far as the managers are concerned.

The American constitution starts with "We the People" and it is assumed that the American electorate is just that. After all, it is a democracy, isn't it? Yes and no. The yes bit is being overtaken by the no bit. The controlling interests of American democracy are the corporations, the individually rich and the unions. The huddled masses are out in the cold. As soon as a person is elected to Congress, large amount of time is spent on the phone raising campaign funds for the next election. Some say it is up to half the working day in the year before an election. Is that sane for democratic politics? In hock to the money men? Don't tell me this is all utterly altruistic!

Ron Paul is in this fight to bring back the constitution to the people. He has consistently fought against the covert actions of the US Treasury, the Administration, Congress and all the others who discuss their daily deeds behind closed doors with a hope of keeping it away from "We the People". Today is a great opportunity to vote for a man who not only cares passionately about his country, but also about the democracy of his country. Free speech goes only so far if democratic rights are traduced and abused.

So, "We the People" can vote to bring back the Constitution from the sticky fingers of those who nearly brought down the United States in financial disaster and start to promote true democracy. Vote for Ron Paul.


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