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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

G4S - Insecurity all round, it seems

Waiting for his job centre recruits to turn up!
As I type this, Nick Buckles, chief executive of the hapless conglomerate that is G4S, is warbling away about how much he knows or doesn't know. All the members of the Home Affairs Committee appear astonished by his answers. And no wonder. He seems more to have been bothered about the size of the contract than about dealing with the people his outfit was recruiting. £8.50 an hour! After all that time dangling on a string?

Companies like G4S have grown far too big. No CEO can possibly know what's going on. The culture is also at fault. From dole queue to hired uniform and rudimentary training is no recipe for success. As Buckles speaks, the share price plummets. What a fiasco.

Now, I'm always interested in the board members of these companies. I see Lord Condon is on the G4S board. A former Metropolitan Police Commissioner to boot. Surely he's had something to say about all this. What does he think of policemen being dragged off duty to feel the collars of Olympic visitors. Should not his collar and that of the whole management team be felt with a heavy hand?

Buckles has now said his company will pay for police pay and accommodation. "We'll hold you to that!", said Keith Vaz, the chairman (who is doing a great job getting the truth out of these two performers). But Buckles still wants his management fee (£57 million). Tells you something about how corporate minds think.


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