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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tony Baldry denigrates the Church with "sect" slur!

Tony Baldry uncharitably slurs the Church
The salvos are coming thick and fast. Now Tony Baldry, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, has told MPs that he was frustrated by the actions of a blocking minority in the synod. And so the House erupted in a self-serving attack on the Church. This group of secular/liberal/semi-religious zealots are quite prepared to trample over the consciences of those they at best disagree with and at worst despise. What Mr.Baldry fails to mention is that this "blocking minority" is only seeking PROPER PROVISION for its integrity. Time and again we have been assured of RESPECT. Well, Mr Baldry shows little or no respect. Sorry, but it is true.

Like the prime minister he is acting like a churlish bully. He needs to grasp a bit of Christian charity. Epithets and childishly saying the church is like a sect are harmful and hurtful. Basically, he is like a big secular cuckoo in the nest. Forcing people to go against conscience is highly un-Christian. He is known by his own remarks.

We will not "get with the programme" because that programme is unjust. We seem to be in for a torrid time with these zealots determined to crush traditional belief and adherence to the Gospel.


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