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Monday, May 23, 2005

New Labour dispatches Real People

Channel Four's Dispatches Programme revealed tonight (8pm) how crafty and downright underhand New Labour now is. The sending of "spontaneous" letters to local papers, signed by "Real People", professing dying admiration for the government's policies, even though most of the signatories were Labour apparatchics told to do so. The fake crowds of Labour Party workers at New Labour policy launches apparently clapping as if they were won-over local voters! These machiavellian deeds of Tony and his Cronies serve only to show what a shallow organisation New Labour has become.

As Tony Benn says "Weathervanes or Signposts? Which are you?" New Labour are weathervanes to a man and woman! All cosy focus groups saying this way Tony, that way Tony, we've changed your mind Tony.


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