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Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Murder attempt' teacher remanded. Teacher's Mansfield pet?

As I write this I see that Peter Harvey, the teacher accused of attempted murder, has been remanded into custody by Mansfield magistrates. He will appear before Nottingham Crown Court on 27 July.

This sounds like a very sorry tale indeed. Unlike other tragedies befalling schools, there appears to be a genuine lack of understanding as to why this should have happened. The BBC is just reporting the basic bits. However, there now seems to be two sides to this story. Teaching in this brave new world of education is not all it is cracked up to be, especially by that verbal waffle-maker par excellence, Ed Balls. Some papers are suggesting that Mr.Harvey, who has his devotees as an exceptional teacher, had a previous breakdown and a stroke. It is said he may have gone back to teaching too soon. What made him flip was that a pupil said in class, allegedly, "Why don't you go and have another f*****g stroke?".

There are plenty of decent, hard-working, eager to learn children in schools today. There always have been. But there are some really nasty children. Now I have no idea what really happened on that fateful day, but the consensus that is emerging is that a well-liked and well-respected science teacher just got to the end of his tether. Ed Balls talks a good game, but I have eyes in my head. I see potential everyday for possible grief. Being a teacher today is a thankless task. Rude parents just add to a teacher's day.

We live in an increasingly selfish world and it is no use denying it. People push and shove. They drive cars as if they have a personal right to go as they please. Rudeness and crudeness is on the increase. No wonder people flip.

Some years ago I was working for a taxi firm. On occasions, I drove cars when we had a shortage of drivers. Taxi drivers know a thing or two about life. It sits the back! On this occasion I had to ferry unruly children from school to their "home". These were children the council deemed required special treatment. To say that they were feral is putting it mildly. These children were like ticking time bombs. I had the misfortune one day to be ferrying a really frightful child. His demeanour was as if he was on permanent self-destruct mode. All angry and very difficult. We had got half-way in the journey when, despite several warnings from me, he attempted to throttle his fellow passenger. Only ten and he seemed to have the strength of a heavy-weight wrestler. I stopped the car and just let rip at him. For the first time he appeared shocked and for the rest of the journey sat in glum silence. I never drove those kids again.

What society does with thoughtless, mean-sprited children I do not know, but I think it is about time we realised that society does have a broken spine and cannot hold itself up high. We owe it to ourselves to make things better.

I do not know what holds for Peter Harvey, but this court case will unravel the ills and indiscipline in schools that our present government is so desperate to hide. For unless the truth is addressed nobody will want to teach any child for fear of an early grave or the prospects of a prison cell.


way to go Peter Harvey. I don´t remember seeing this amount of outrage shown when evil teenagers have beaten teachers up. The worm has turned guys, the worm has turned

Brit teachers do more sex crime than the candidates on the British sex offenders register,

(that is true, you Brits live in a not fit for purpose regime of Mcpoisoning & censorship)

I don't think attempting to murder children will change that.

The NASUWT's number one policy is to legalize foster parents having sex with foster children! They need to do that, to get their male teachers off the hook.

Brit teachers are notorious from Texas to Timbuktu.

Until recently I worked (non teaching)in a good girls secondary school. I would not work as a teacher, main problem no discipline and no sanctions for teachers. Pupils run the school and have all the rights ( but of course no responsibilities). The other problem is that the disruptive pupils maybe 2-3%, get all the attention & funding, thus the average pupil who want to succeed gets no help.
My solution education is a privelege not a right, disruptive pupils removed to parents custody.

I'm not sure I understand your point Cadiz. you seem to be impugning all teachers as predatory sex fiends. A very silly assertion!

I discovered Paul Reeve ( primary school) in late 2005. He was an FBI identified pedophile secretly placed in a Brit school.

That's not good for the FBI, it looks bad for key allies to be caught up to no good, & Paul Reeve was one of very many.

UK teachers have a terrible rep as a package, that's a fact, whether it is silly or not is a matter of opinion.

Some summer camps in the USA have blanket bans on teachers from the UK because of pedophilia, hidden cameras in showers & etc.

I think you will find the NASUWT as a body are campaigning to legalize sex between foster parents and foster children.

Derogation of SOA 2003 & etc.

The NAHT are out campaigning at the moment for a convicted headteacher pedophile in Wales.

British teachers cause more problems in the USA, than the rest of the EU combined.

One teacher from England was able to abuse hundreds of US child citizens.

It would help if sex offenders were banned from the profession and that doesn't look as if it is going to happen within the next five years.

Other countries, do not have a 'child safe' sex offender concept, and the British do.

The FBI have a problem with British teachers.



'THE judge said the offences were so serious, they merited a two-year prison sentence. The jury found the young schoolgirls had been sexually assaulted to gratify the perpetrator’s twisted desires.

It’s the kind of crime – a repellent tally of nine sex assaults on under-13s – you’d expect to spark an outcry from those concerned with children’s welfare, not least from those taxed with ensuring kids’ education and safety.

So, what was the response from the teaching profession?'

"way to go Peter Harvey. I don´t remember seeing this amount of outrage shown when evil teenagers have beaten teachers up. The worm has turned guys, the worm has turned"

So if somebody was to post 'way to go' in relation to a teacher getting stabbed?

There are dozens of British comments on the net cheering on the idea of a teacher seriously harming or murdering a child.

It is the culture of Myra Hindley

so, I rest my case, you Brits may like foxes,

but in relation to child abuse, scandals. your country is notorious.

"way to go Peter Harvey"

Saying such a thing is a life ban re: working with children in Ohio and possibly a jail sentence.

Britain has a rep for child abuse scandals, & dangerous teachers who offend all over the world, politicians stealing money & lying as if it was a virtue.

Not fit for purpose, should be the national catch-phrase.


Cadiz, why are you hijacking this to talk about paedophilia? This is totally and utterly unrelated in any way to what has happened between this particular teacher and his pupil.

I totally agree with that last comment. It seems peverse to hijack a thread in order to talk about something completely different. It's not debate, it's creating a diversion!

Brit teachers are up to their ears in serious crimes against children,

more so than all the pimps, pornographers and sex traffickers in Britain combined.

I still think it smacks of Mrya Hindley to applaud bashing children on the head with metal weights.

Of course that's my diversionary opinion.

Teachers are campaigning hundreds of thousands of them, via professional associations to legalize statutory rape, which is a justice issue.

Brit teachers are not noted for being law and order types, as a general constituency, quite the reverse.

Britain recuits more criminals as teachers than the USA, which is a far bigger country.

It is no surprise to see British people condoning or diminishing the alleged attempted murder of a child via blogs etc.

It is what one would expect from a country that is a child abuse disaster area, and has been since the 1880s.

Revealed: 77 trafficked Chinese children lost by home | Society ...
5 May 2009 ... Robert Booth on fears that Chinese children are being trafficked from a Heathrow care home Link to this audio ...
www.guardian.co.uk/.../trafficked-chinese-children-crime - Cached - Similar

That's one care home.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Beds/Bucks/Herts | Ex-teacher jailed for ...
13 Apr 2007 ... Luton Crown Court heard Graham Conridge, 59, admitted posing as a teenage boy to contact 261 girls aged 11 to 15 through MSN and chatrooms. ...
news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/beds/.../6552437.stm - Cached - Similar

That's one teacher, and he was part of a crowd of net groomers who were *all* free passed back into schools.


"This is totally and utterly unrelated in any way to what has happened between this particular teacher and his pupil."

No it isn't many LIST 99 teachers are going to be allowed to teach in some numbers.

To include fraudsters, general criminals and mental health cases.

Hardly surprising, a country that allows sex offenders to compete for jobs on an identical basis to everybody else,

is unlikely to frown too much on the odd crook or charlatan being a teacher.

The problem everybody else has, is that Brit teachers offend around the world, and use the UK as a safe haven.

Union official 'amazed' at sex film teacher's appointment


The Brit police forgot to tell their colleagues in Portugal that a British teacher was filming two kids having sex in their country.

They also didn't charge him with child pornography in Great Britain and it was child (U18) pornography.

The schoolgirl's parents also left in the dark.

And schools do hire that kind of person with some regularity.

So the Brits should knock the police in Portugal when they are losing hundreds of foreign children in Britain.

And when they are keeping stum about child pornography being produced by British teachers in Portugal.

In the USA, such teachers go to prison.

In Britain just about anything can teach, no matter how morally dubious.

Most felons who apply for jobs in schools are eventually given jobs in schools.


I work as a supply teacher and as a result I visit many a school. To be honest I do visit some good schools with children who are very well behaved but this is rare. I visit many a school where the staff are just fed-up. There is no respect for teachers.

It is no wonder that the average amount of time a newly qualified teacher spends in the profession is 3-5 years before they decide to leave. In Britain we go on about human rights but we have forgotten about the teachers' rights i.e to work in an environment free of abuse, and to be out of harms way.

I am a keen amateur historian. What I see happening in Britain is not different to what has happened to many an advanced civilisation in the past. Great Britain at one time ruled the world and today 60 years post empire Britain has lost it's way and is on a downward spiral. Ask yourself where are the great civilisations of the Persian, Romans, Greeks and Arabs to name but a few and you will find the answer to be 'Nowhere'. The same will happen to Britain.

As for Peter Harvey I feel for him. He sounds like a dedicated teacher who just had to put up with too much shit because there is no discipline in schools. Admittedly he should not have struck-out like that but the youth of today have not been taught anything about discipline and manners from their parents or society. You hear a lot in the media about Mr. Harvey having have struck-out at this pupil but what have we heard in the media about this pupil's former behavioiur? Nothing. I think you will find, and I am just assuming, that he would have had a questionable record.

I hope this case brings out the terribly difficult conditions most teachers have to work under and the politicans need to pull their fingers out of their ass and address the issue of discipline in schools.

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