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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Non! Je ne regrette rien!

So the French have voted Non in the referendum on the EU Constitution. This means nothing changes for a while, as the existing treaties carry on. However, those up at the front of the Brussels gravy train, in the loco stoking the fires for a new head of steam, show no inclination in changing their undemocratic thinking.

Peter Mandelson, the British commissioner, in best weasel wordsmithing, menacingly suggests the French should think carefully about the debate from now on, and in six months time vote again. Sort of Robert Mugabe stuff, but without the violence!

The EU Commission appears wedded to only one version of the truth, one version of democracy, and one version of internal accountability. I think the French people have rumbled them. The Brussels hierachy would do well to listen and learn. Something Tony Blair says he is doing!


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