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Friday, June 10, 2005

Blake's Jerusalem in the demolition yard?

Each day brings new nonsensical utterings from the jobsworths and pointy-heads that seem to have shoe-horned themselves into the very positions where they can cause most offence to the average citizen. The latest drivel from the "Politically Correct" brigade, or the politically absurd as it should be, is the assertion that crosses in crematoria can offend non-Christians. So take them down.

Pontius Pilate had doubts, but not so the PC leaders. They are in the vanguard of dispoiling the cultural and religious heritage of this country, in order to placate a few who may feel upset. The vast majority of people they claim to represent have no desire whatsoever to meddle in this way.

Down on the English Riviera, Torbay Council have decided to remove a 5ft cross from the crematorium chapel. Alan Faulkner, executive member for environmental services, says, "We live in a diverse multi-faith society...." and proceeds to explain it away. No wonder it provoked an outcry!

I would be interested to know if there are any politically correct elders in Islamabad campaigning vigorously for the rights of Christians in Pakistan not to be offended by words, deeds, and laws!

Torbay Council link and the jolly Mr.Faulkner!



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