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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Changing Times

It's quite amazing what a democratic vote will do to some folks! For example, the French President seems to be in oblivion as far as the French voters are concerned. He's probably taking the Harold Macmillan approach to trouble - "events, dear boy, events" is how the former PM is supposed to have described the worst thing to befall a politician. This "event" will be sidelined until some other thing gets the French electorate riled.

In the meantime, Nigel Farage MEP of UKIP is full of praise for the present Prime Minister's bold approach. "If you can reform the European Union, Mr Blair, then I may even change my mind, I may even think it's worth us staying a member" he says. This is a refreshing approach to the cause of Euroscepticism. Can Mr. Blair deliver? Some think he should boldly go where no PM has gone before. Others think it's all blarney and bluff. Well, I for one think he should at least try. If he did, he might get the support of other EU countries' beleaguered Eurosceptics, of whom we hear little in the UK as the great and the good "think" they don't exist!

Then we can have a really good free trading, mutually supportive common market, without the "directives" which the bureacratic pointy-heads of the European Commission seem so heartily in favour of. As they seem totally incapable of abiding by any directive to keep the petty cash in order, let alone a substantial budget without sedantory fraudsters taking advantage, a good dose of reform is long overdue!



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