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Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Cherie amour, lovely as a summer day?

Cherie Blair, wife of the Prime Minister and working mother of some legal ability, is castigated by the chattering classes for a talk in Washington where she apparently received £30,000 as the fee. Mrs. Blair was promoting her book about spouses of Prime Ministers and their lives in Downing Street. A gaggle of self-righteous commentators, ranging from Tories washed clean from sleaze, to liberal-minded types like Polly Toynbee, who can scratch as well as the best of them, have come out claiming this talk is totally out of order!

Ms. Toynbee says "There is no climate of shame about fabulously undeserved income". Nice words easily written. People like Ms. Toynbee can parrot these sentiments with ease but have themselves contributed little to British society.

Mrs. Blair has done nothing immoral. "The Labourer is worthy of his (her) hire". Biblically, Mrs. Blair has only given a talk for which she got paid and the audience were of the opinion that they got their money's worth! Should be end of story!

The present culture of seeing corruption in others is getting out of hand. Whilst I have loads of opinions against Mr. Blair's dodgy political views, and have commented on some of the Blairs' antics in bringing odd personal advisors into Downing Street, this activity of giving talks in public for a fee is not corrupting at all. Petty jealousy comes to mind! We should have a society based on respect, honour and integrity. Instead we are getting one of trying to find the mote in others' eyes. By this I mean judging their souls rather than their hearts and minds!

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