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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ron Paul's solution for Bin Laden - "marque and reprisal"!

George W. Bush started some bellicose thing called the War on Terror. All that's done is make our lives a tad more difficult and our liberties a lot less sure. John McCain is confident he will eliminate Bin Laden ("I will do that!") but I see him more in some wacky chase akin to scantily clothed girls running after Benny Hill to the yakety sax music. McCain chasing a line of Bin Laden lookalikes is a comedic situation of equal futility.

I'd far rather go for Ron Paul's solution, which is Marque and Reprisal, allowing agents to go after the likes of Bin Laden. No need for troop surges or full scale war. Ron Paul is not to my mind lacking in ideas for the defence of the American nation. Just that his ideas get screwed up by his fellow candidates and that the media passes him off as some hair-brained liberal.

In answer to a question, on the MTV/MySpace's "Closing Arguments: A Presidential Super Dialogue", about why he has drawn such strong support from youth voters who aren't necessarily going for his more mainstream conservative rivals, Paul said it's not because the Democrats are offering such great ideas, but because the Republican Party deserves to be punished for the undeclared war in Iraq and for running up record deficits. "What you need to do is come and look at some of the rallies and ... talk to some of the young people who rally to us," he said. "Guess what I offer them? Freedom: Freedom to live their lives as they choose, freedom to spend their money as they choose and freedom to get out from under the heavy hand of government."

Freedom! That's the message.

Oh! and Yakety Sax......


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