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Monday, June 20, 2005

Self Assembly Bed Making

Having bought a super king sized bed of continental proportions, my wife and I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon trying to assemble the thing. That day was the hottest so far of the year, being around 26C, and the single sheet instruction leaflet lived up to expectations! It was horrendously difficult to interpret correctly. Apparently, two people could assemble the bed in half an hour. However, I fail to see how this could possibly be. Even Einstein and Chippendale would have had difficulty!

Why, oh why, do the people who write these instructions think we are all on the same wavelength as them. Surely somebody could save us from their Catch-22 thinking?

The bed, by the way, is fantastic!


I have the perfect solution to this problem. Do what I do and make an excuse not to do it and leave it to your wife and mother-in-law! Works for me. :D

p.s. you've been tagged.

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