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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blair blunders on

Tony Blair! I sometimes wonder whether he is like a junior prefect that has suddenly been put in charge of the school because the head boy fell out of favour with the headmaster. Other times I think he is like a ventriloquist's dummy. The dummy sometimes speaks his own mind but mostly parrots what the vent puts through his lips!

On Tuesday, his press conference made me think it was the latter. He makes a crass remark about whether the IRA terrorists were "better" than the Islamic suicide bombers. Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, a pressure group in Northern Ireland, were rightly appalled. They say, "Victims in Northern Ireland are shocked by the cruel insensitivity of the Prime Minister when he claimed that IRA terrorism was not as bad as that of Al-Queda. At a time when victims across the United Kingdom are united in their rejection of terrorism and indeed when we have offered sympathy and empathy with London how can he make such a comment?"

Well, Tony Blair, when he ad-libs (goes off message) mostly talks prolonged drivel, sometimes comes out with silly or offensive comments. This was offensive!

At his Tuesday meeting, which more and more looks like a bizarre self-torture for him, he was asked a question by a woman journalist from Fox News (Murdoch's American version of Sky News). She wondered why "home grown" Muslims would want to bomb their own country, having been educated here and played cricket and all that. Blair started on about ideology, not being the true version of Islam, terrorists must be rooted out, etc. She must have been none the wiser!

The truth is he is not going to find out for himself WHY they did it, because if he does it will blow apart his belief in a multi-cultural Britain at ease with itself! He will unearth long held hatreds, confusions, bitterness and wrongs. Many Muslims enjoy and peaceful, happy life in Britain, prospering well in their chosen field. However, many others do not. It is not rocket science to know why they have become disaffected.

The Koran holds many verses that allude to peaceful existence. But it also has some that allude to violence. It is these verses that the bombers have clung to, or been taught to revere. Either they form part of Islam or they are to be sidelined as from another age. The point is they are there in the Koran and they are being used.

Blair's simplistic overview of the Islamic militant does us no service. He should confront the demons not pass them by for others to deal with!



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