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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Does the Sun ever set?

I remember when the Sun was a broadsheet and quite an interesting read. That was the sixties! Then it went tabloid and eventually Murdoch got his hands on it. Today it is a rabidly anti-English, contradictory rag. It's contradictory because it heightens sexual appetites in a fairly base way and then castigates any sexual deviant that has failed to follow its lead!

Murdoch has turned The Sun into one of Blair's biggest publicity vehicles. It is part of the New Labour propaganda machine, promoting British "unity" and disregarding much to do about England! A lot of us think The Sun has too much influence over large sections of the population and abuses this power to turn public opinion, either for their own purposes or for the benefit of Blair.

So, lets make a stand and boycott the Sun. Email the Sun and tell them that you will no longer be buying their "newspaper" because you don't agree with their political bias and anti-English attitudes. Email all your contacts and ask them to do the same. It is time the Sun had their wings clipped.

We might not make a huge impact on their sales but we can at least show them we're here. The Sun have refused to print a single letter regarding English nationalism, English devolution or the unfair treatment of our country.

Have some talkback with the Sun!



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