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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict to resign in unexpected announcement

Cardinal Francis Arinze
It is just been announced that Pope Benedict is to resign. This is very unexpected although it does not come as a total surprise as there has been speculation about his health and capacity due to age. He has been a good Pope, especially for traditional Anglican catholics. He understood the patrimony of classical Anglicanism at a time when the ravages of secularism descended on it. He is very minded of ecumenical necessity. He also is unafraid to stand up for the sacraments of the Church, the tradition of the Faith and the social witness of the Gospel.

No doubt much will be said, much will be speculated. One thing that may well happen is that the next pope will come from a country far away from Rome. I welcome this. A pope from Nigeria? Cardinal Francis Arinze is well thought of.


He is greatest in the today’s world, if body and mind not enough reach the position requirement better to somebody else, and guide from outside, this is what every top suppose to flows……

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