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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kilroy leads Veritas no more - it's the Truth!

Robert Kilroy-Silk is a man who courts fame and has some success in bringing people to a cause. He flirts with the public and he gently baits the opposition to gain publicity. He is a man who can command an audience. This may be because he has created a TV persona rather than political gravitas, but he has been talked about, and has been able to get access to TV interviews.

His early success in the European election exposed some very great fissures in UKIP. He found that the leadership was shambolic, sometimes at odds with itself, and seemingly incapable of providing proper policies (other than agin the EU!) that the troops could capitalise on after the good European election results! As a man on a mission in a hurry, Kilroy thought that Roger Knapman, the leader of UKIP, appeared slow and out of touch. Kilroy stirred up UKIP but the pot overboiled! He and his followers had to leave.

Veritas sounded good, but it was doomed. Good men and women sold a fantasy of instant success. It doesn't work like that. Electoral success for new parties is slow, methodical, and hard work. Smaller parties DO win elections! The Liberal Party (not the LibDems!), Green Party, BNP, Independent Working Class Association, Kidderminster Health Concern, Respect, and others have all managed to get elected councillors and Respect and Health Concern have one MP each. And UKIP itself has councillors and also won 12 MEPs (although Kilroy and one other depleted the number to 10!).

Kilroy is wrong on one point. On his departure he claimed the British public are happy with the old parties. Not really! Labour has 21.6% support of the eligible voters. Add the Tories and LibDems and you just about get to 50%!! Room for smaller parties to court the biggest constituency of all. The disaffected!!

Veritas may have a future but it will be a very limited one, I suspect. And interesting to see, at the time of this posting, Veritas site has still got Kilroy upfront as the MEP in charge on the home page!


Just checked again and he's gone! Oh well!


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