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Friday, July 01, 2005

More tart, Mr.Blair?

The New Labour Government has been "re-elected" for its "historic" third term with 21.6% of the eligible vote of the British electorate. Mr.Blair, suitably chastened by the lower Commons majority, has said he will listen to the people.

However, he appears more at ease in the mould of liberty-taker and freedom quasher! The ID card bill is one, the European Union presidency for the last half of this year is another.

And he doesn't feel his ministers are always up to speed with his approach to politics. That of the chancer, always on the spin. Poor old Jack Straw! Blair now calls him, in a phone call allegedly, "a tart" for being "over-excited" about the result of the French referendum. It is well known that Jack Straw was in the No campaign of the British referendum of 1975, but he has since come to believe apparently that the European Union has produced some good progress as a group of countries.

For Blair to call Straw "a tart" is a bit rich. Blair has flip-flopped about issues all his political life and is really in no position to denigrate those around him. I bet he grinned when he put the phone down. In all this the maxim stands - "It takes one to know one".



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