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Friday, July 29, 2005

Tornado Terror!

I well remember sitting in a very warm brick dugout somewhere below the soil of Kansas waiting for a tornado to come. It was a long wait and the tornado never came. Our neighbour was keen to show off her meteorological knowledge to English people and it proved rather lacking in accuracy!

Yesterday, I was in the garden when I was asked "Have you heard the news?" I thought there had been more bombs! "No, it's a tornado, in King's Heath!" What! In Birmingham? But I didn't see anything!

So I ran into the house to see the TV News. Waited a while to get through pictures of Gerry Adams! Then it was there. A tornado in Birmingham! Bricks flying around, cars uplifted and trees uprooted. It was so isolated in its track but deadly with its devastation. The clean-up started immediately.

One thing struck me. The fortitude of people to get on and get back to where they were. A community acting together. We should be able to work together at all times and that way we will understand each other much more. A community is a locality, of people interacting with each other. It shouldn't mean individual or isolated groups - PC jargon for racial, sexual or disabled "communities"!



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The first question is: What's the story in Balamory?

The picture/video coverage on the BBC is a bit sparse. Do you know anyone down that end?

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