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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hopalong Blair's Outlaw's Law!


Tony Blair is at it again! Policy on the hoof. No wonder the opposition parties are carefully scrutinising his words and those of his hapless ministers. The now non-grinning Hazel Blears is championing new definitions for "ethnic minorities". She should know that being British is about an understanding of shared cultural and social behaviours. It is not about racial or religious background. The British are the people that live in the British Isles. We don't speak "British", we don't have a "Britishland"! It is a wonderful concept of combining cultures and groups into a wider geo-political unit. Ms Blears is barking up the wrong tree!

These remarks have naturally caused offence in certain quarters. If Blair wants to stop Islamic extremism he needs to think before he or his ministers speak. The latest wheeze against terrorism is the idea of secret terror courts, where "specially vetted" judges (what of the notion of "His Honour"?), who can be trusted to keep secrets, will hear police and MI5/6 evidence. Suspects will be detained for much longer than the present two weeks.

Unless there is real scrutiny here and a proper recognition of due process, Blair's knee-jerk type of solution will end in possible miscarriages of justice.

In 1942, the United States rounded up all Japanese-Americans, even those that were 4th and 5th generation and had no understanding or appreciation of Japan. Virtually none of them sympathised with the Japanese aggression. They were interned in camps! Today, people are being rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Some are guilty, some are not. However, due process of law has passed them by!

Tony Blair, a funny kind of lawyer, is quick to cobble a law together. Having let the genie out of the bottle with inept control of militant islamists, immigration policy, and school agendas, he seems blythe to the fact that Muslims ARE upset in the present situation. He acts as if they have no legitimate grievances. There is no excuse for criminal mass killing by terrorists, but there is a justification for addressing grievances and injustice.

Where's the Road Map going?



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