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Friday, December 07, 2012

Gay marriage in church after all - Cameron U-turns!

David Cameron is to go back on his word and try to foist the idea of homosexual unions onto the Christian Church. No doubt this is all part of his programme, which appears to be a heady mixture of secular themes and religious liberalism. Nothing much to do with sacramental belief.

Now we are to be engaged in a second front, whereby the outside world, hostile to Christian doctrine, sees this issue as a means to get even with those they disagree with. David Cameron lives in a fantasy world if he thinks that "gay marriage" in church will somehow be an edifying prospect before God. A Christian marriage cherishes the union of a man and a woman. Is Cameron thinking that two people of the same sex can say "With my body I thee worship, etc, etc" and make it appear sacramentally sound. The theology is warped. The thinking unsound.

George Carey, when Archbishop of Canterbury, suggested that there were two integrities in the Church of England, after the ordination of women was started. Now he and the pro-female ordination side, spurred on by Cameron, wish to see the traditional integrity disappear. Is this the second front of attack? He probably has thought it through like all the other things he has thought through. The devil will definitely be in the detail of this proposal.


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