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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

On being English in England!

The BBC has over recent years been quite at ease describing the Scots/Scottish as such or the Welsh or the Irish. Even Cornish people get a mention, without any BBC "sense of guilt". However, when the BBC comes to discuss English matters they seem to think that describing anyone or anything as English is tantamout to being "racist". Presenters immediately correct themselves or others if the description English is used. The English have been air-brushed from the land!

So this is an urgent request to the people of England! If anyone has noted or can recall examples of anti-English bias made by the BBC in the recent past could they give details of the instance. We are particularly interested in examples where programme hosts have joked they cannot say the word "English", have been dismissive or insulting of England or the English, or any instance (programmes and perpetrators needed) where (in your opinion) you as an Englishman/woman felt that the BBC was being openly biased, rude or unfair to the English people. We will be submitting a list of complaints to the News side of the BBC, highlighting the marginalisation of English politics, culture and general absence of English orientated reporting.

Any further examples of anti-English behaviour by the BBC should be sent to the English Democrats http://www.englandsparty.com/ and sent to either the Chairman or Vice Chairman. Many thanks!



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