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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where Next?

- Chavez promoting the cocoa industry!

George Bush slapped down Pat Robertson for his overzealous approach to diplomatic problems, but he has indeed some problems with Venezuela and its president, Hugo Chavez. Snr Chavez has had the temerity to meddle in oil! Touchy subject.

Chavez has launched a regional oil initiative to provide fuel at cheaper prices to fifteen neighbouring Caribbean nations. Sounds fair. He said the region had suffered centuries of imperialism and needed to strike out on its own. Critics say Snr. Chavez is using Venezuela's oil to secure diplomatic influence in the Caribbean. Venezuela is a leading oil supplier to the US and is the world's fifth largest oil exporter.

Relations with Venezuela are tense for the USA. They are suspicious of Chavez. Chavez is a regular critic of the US Administration, and Washington regards Venezuela as a possible source of instability in the region. However, the problem nowadays is that many other countries in the world seem to think that the US is a possible source of instability in the world!

Venezuela has some problems. They should sort these out themselves. If they break international agreements, then let the UN take a stance. But if they want to sell their oil on the open market or in agreement with other countries, should the USA be sending in CIA operatives to try and destabilise the country? No, because we can't live in a world where one big country has an armlock on all the rest!



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