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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Be Prepared! Bush is No Boy Scout!

Being prepared is one thing the boy scouts have always been. Today, on Good Morning America, George Bush limply says that "nobody thought the levees would break". Garbage, hogwash, total rubbish! He knew or should have known. Reports were written by all manner of scientists about the levees around New Orleans only being capable of withstanding a category 3 hurricane. Katrina was category 5!

Bush ignored a plea for funding to bring the levees up to standard. The money was diverted to his "war on terror". Now New Orleans is awash with the most vile concoction of oil, faeces, rotting bodies, chemicals and decaying food! Isn't it a crying shame that the world has to see African-Americans fighting for the good food and drinking water in desperation to keep body and soul alive. Mr.Bush, if I was in New Orleans (and apparently 20 Brits are holed up in the sports dome) I too would go searching for food to survive, wherever it was. Wouldn't you? Then why get the police and militias to concentrate on shooting looters (who may only have their own possessions in a shopping cart!) rather than searching for survivors?

The way this is being handled and the way the Administration has duped the good people of America is very deplorable. Louisiana state Governor Kathleen Blanco said she was "furious" at the growing crime wave. She has asked Washington to send more people to help with the relief mission, to free National Guard troops to concentrate on looters. Is this the way to treat desperate, confused and hungry people? Yes, there may be a few criminals about but Ms. Blanco, there is food stuck in locked storerooms/shops/hotels etc, and people are shocked, starving and distressed.

If this is the prioritising for the rescue mission, then the American people should look very carefully at the type of politician they elect in the future!


Not Exactly What Madison Had In Mind
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I heard on the news this morning that Bush is golfing when all this is going on.

I envy you because he is not your prime minister. I voted against him and have to hear the richer part of my family talk about how great he is.
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