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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Don't disrespect me! I'm your protector!

Charles Clarke is over-zealously taking liberties from us on the one hand in the name of protection and failing to provide the number of police on the other to address vandalism, anti-social behaviour and general yobbery on the other. He said, at the Labour Party conference, that "responsive local policing" was the key to "tackling lack of respect in our communities".
"Neighbourhood police teams will be able to respond quickly to local concerns about anti-social behaviour. "Their local knowledge will enable them to focus rapidly on troublespots and troublemakers, nipping problems in the bud before they take hold." All well and good if they are there in the first place. Most calls to the West Midlands Police at present don't even nip things in full bloom!

If he gets these "neighbourhood police teams" then I'll be the first to congratulate him, but he will need to be careful with Gordon Brown's treasure chest. I hear the chest has not been filling up so well lately!

And Charles Clarke will have to be a bit more "neighbour-friendly" if he wants to succeed in promoting respect in the community. I suggest a quiet listen to Charles Penrose's Laughing Policeman. That should make him more avuncular than carbuncular!

The Laughing Policeman


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