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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fair Taxation?

Tony Blair is one that will give a vague response to a question that doesn't bother him! Council Tax is one such matter. Today a retired vicar goes to jail for 28 days for refusing to pay his "excessive" council tax increase. For a campaigning pensioner in reasonable health jail is probably no problem! Odd, though, that he is in Woodhill high security jail in Milton Keynes. Is Blair getting dreams about Thomas a Becket and meddlesome priests?

Nearly all the pensioners involved refuse to pay an increase above the rate of inflation. They are NOT refusing to pay the tax or a modest increase. Sounds reasonable. A lot of them are members of the "Is It Fair? Campaign". If loads of pensioners end up in prison, sitting next to child murderers, tattooed bandits, and hardened drug dealers, then our Prime Minister may be left like the Cheshire Cat. Just his grin is left!



Council Tax really gets on my tits because it's so unfair. The value of a persons house does not reflect their income. My grandparents bought their house for around £19k off the council about 10 years ago. Since then my grandad has died and the vale of the house has gone up to about £120k. Does this mean that my widowed nan can afford to pay more from her pension than a working, middle aged couple with no kids living in an £80k house?

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