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Monday, September 19, 2005

Have It Your Way Jihadist!

Have we heard it all now? Burger King got a request, or , more correctly, an implied threat from a young Muslim who was upset with the advertising design on their ice cream dessert packaging. According to a certain Rashad Akhtar the offending symbol looked a bit like an Islamic religious inscription purporting to represent Allah. It's a bit like those Where's Wally pictures! Akhtar must be the most sensitive man in the land. One would be hard pressed to make the link as the shapes are not totally similar and require a good second look to consider any similarity!

The whole thing here is that Burger King have made themselves look foolish in the face of a threat from this man. He said "This is my jihad" and proceeded to force Burger King to withdraw the packaging, no doubt at a considerable cost to the company. After all, Burger King did say "The design simply represents a spinning ice-cream cone." Precisely, I would say the same thing, especially as it was on a carton of ice cream!!

I would like to know if Charles Clarke is going to investigate the language used here, inciting a situation where Burger King were blackmailed into changing an innocuous piece of packaging. It seems we are being held to ransome by the slightest complaint. And I would say the same for any Christian that thought an advertising symbol used in a particular way vaguely depicted a religious symbol. We have had people saying pieces of toast looked uncannily like the Virgin Mary!

Mr. Akhtar would have done best by keeping his mouth shut! All he has done is make people feel uncomfortable about the way some try to use Islam as a controlling element in our society.



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