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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Heckling - Is it Still a British Artform?

The treatment of Walter Wolfgang has stunned the nation. This from the BBC's website shows how well New Labour has misjudged the mood and desire of the country.

This is just one contribution -

Mr Blair's time would be better spent re-establishing democracy and free speech in the UK instead of Iraq. The day that open debate is considered to be the act of a "terrorist" is a sad day for us all.
Laurence Anderson, Edinburgh, Scotland

One after another people line-up to say how they feel this episode to be a travesty of British democracy! Heckling is part of the British way! It is a sorry state of affairs that the New Labour clique has almost destroyed it.



To use anti-terror legislation underlines that the Blairite idea of England is one of thought police, state control and no right to criticise violent religions or even, in this case, government policy.

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