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Monday, September 12, 2005

Parking Quango gets tangoed!

Neil Herron seems to have got another victory. Apparently the National Parking Adjudication Service was calling itself a court, which Mr. Herron took them up on. Looking at its website just now they claim to be "an independent tribunal where impartial lawyers consider appeals by motorists and vehicle owners whose vehicles have been issued with Penalty Charge Notices (or have been removed or clamped) by councils in England and Wales enforcing parking under the Road Traffic Act 1991."

Mr. Herron's blog makes interesting reading about yet another dodgy set-up masquerading as a pillar of justice! It seems that these organisations are never quite what they make themselves out to be.

The truth is that this NPAS outfit wouldn't be needed if the councils concerned were offering fair parking facilities rather than “decriminalised parking enforcement”.



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