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Monday, September 05, 2005

Pizzas and Patriotism!

One of the prerequisites of being an EU Commissioner is to be a follower of fanciful ideas! Signor Franco Frattini, the European Commissioner for justice and security, has proposed an “oath of faithfulness” requiring all immigrants to the European Union to swear allegiance to the union. This, of course, will go into the dustbin for daft ideas. But it shows how these people think. It is a constant battle to keep their brains from giving the rest of us perpetual headaches!

British people rightly swear allegiance to the Queen and not to any foreign potentate or politician! The European Union is not a country and that is why many of us have to keep one eye open on constant alert in case one day we wake up to find one of these barmy bureaucrats in full control of our lives! Franco Frattini is in charge of "Freedom, Security and Justice" and it is quite strange that the EU thinks they need to get involved with this. Most of us in the UK are keen to make sure that Tony Blair does not take away our freedoms with draconian laws, does not jeopardise our security with ill-thought notions of invading foreign lands, and does not leave us with inadequate justice by scrapping trial by jury in cases which the government deems "unsuitable" for ordinary jury members!

Franco Frattini would be better placed trying to sort out the economic mess of his homeland and the patent lack of freedom, security and justice currently troubling many Italians!



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