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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pulpits, Preaching, and Panties!

The Church of England is often described as a "broad church" meaning that it encompasses the beliefs and opinions of a wide spectrum. Since the Church decided to allow female clerics a lot of new ideas have come into the melting pot. Much is on an evangelical setting. Jan Harney, from Manchester, is keen to explore the idea of panties parties, where Christian women mingle with other women on a "get to know you" basis.

She said that she wanted Christians to relax, have fun and to get to know people before trying to convert them. "I have not conducted a lingerie party myself, but when Bridget Jones was all the rage I know that some Christian groups were holding knickers parties," she said. "To be honest, I am not sure what happened at those. Nobody has told me. But I have held chocolate parties, at which a group of us might watch a film on the theme of chocolate, or make chocolate sweets or play chocolate-inspired games. I also like pamper parties, when we can enjoy a massage or a manicure or try beauty products. I will always end the party with a five-minute period of reflection, a sort of thought for the day. It is a way to get to know people who will never normally go near a church."

Now I never want people to think that Christian people are boring, staid, or don't have fun! My only concern here is that people may get a jolly sort of view of the Faith. For me, as a traditional orthodox Anglican, Ms. Harney's evangelical expression of faith could lack the entirety of Catholic doctrine. The old adage is that the Catholic faith is caught not taught!

However, she gets a lot of browny points for trying!



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I don't think the Church runs to this wide a comprehension, Adrian!

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