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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Singing the Blues!

These days it is not unusual to hear of people complaining about youngsters making a noise, especially with amplified music. So it is very surprising to find that in the leafy suburbs of Birmingham elderly Tories are whooping it up to the sound of karoake singing and late-night discos! Down at the Erdington Conservative Club it is considered young to be 50 as many members are in their 80's, making the club's average age 65. It's a sort of retirement pleasure venue. However, the local residents were not so keen on these ageing revellers.

When the club came to extend its license for serving alcohol to midnight, they thought it would be agreed without any problem. But they had reckoned without 21 letters of complaint. It seemed the residents were objecting to loud use of microphones and the habit of taxi drivers sounding their horns to alert fares of their arrival! Well, with elderly Conservatives some may well be a bit deaf, so loud use of amplification could be a benefit to them.

The quick thinking Tories held a meeting with the concerned residents and it has been agreed to introduce noise limiters on the hi-fi equipment and microphones and the taxi drivers are announcing themselves sotto voce style!

Who would have thought the Old Conservatives could be so noisy? Some years ago the Young Conservatives were wound up due to lack of discipline. Could the same be on the cards for their pensioner brethren?



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