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Monday, October 24, 2005

Birmingham Riots!

By listening to the press it would appear that Birmingham has a terrible problem with race relations. This is not so, but it looks good to say so for certain journalists. The main problem is that a few, and only a few, Afro-Caribbean youths are in gangs and the same few, only a few, Asian youths have their gangs. The police know about these gangs but seem powerless to break them up. Consequently, 99% of peaceful Brum get a rude awakeing from "riots" from time to time.

This latest riot all started because a black youth alleged that a black girl was raped by an asian lad! And this comment was an allegation in its own right! By which I mean, it could have been concocted by anybody!! Most people want to live in peace and get on with their lives. However, lack of opportunities and a perceived discrimination of resources means certain sections of our community (and community meaning all living in an area!) feel deprived. And this gives the gangs their opportunity! Just look at the criminality in Northern Ireland, where the IRA have succeeded in the biggest bank raid in British history, and the UDA/UVF/UFF/whatever the initials are today group are involved in drugs, moneylaundering and protection racketeering! Do we want that in Birmingham?

The police need to crack down on the gangs (putting their PC garbage in the bin!), the likes of the "political services manager for the West Midlands" should get down on the streets to see for themselves, and the political authorities need to check up on resources management! What would all the wasted money on looking for WMD in Iraq have done for Lozells?


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The guys at grass roots would love to be able to leave the station and do some real policing. Unfortunately we need to fill in a 'risk assessment' form before we can even speak to people these days. We also need trailers to cart around all the paperwork required to conduct simple stops in the street.

Soft on crime

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