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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cameron Midlander!

David Cameron rejects 'Tory Blair' tag so we are told. I'd say so! The only thing that links the two is some vague thing about age. Cameron told BBC One's Sunday AM programme his aim was to "set people free", while Prime Minister Tony Blair was in politics "to tell people what to do". How true! New Labour has given us more off-the-cuff nonsense in law-drafting and regulations. All spin and no spine, that's the stuff of Blair's big tent. A tent that has virtually no support - I'm thinking of the Dome, oh dear!

Even if he won the contest, there was no "magic wand" or "one single thing" to get the party back into power. He added "People don't want a party that's trying to turn the clock back to 1997. They want us to understand what's changed and to be relevant today, for the challenges we're going to have as a country after Blair, because he's going. We're going to be facing Gordon Brown and I think all elections come down to a simple question - who's the party of the future, who's the party of the past?"

And who's the party of truth and who's the party of spin? That will be the question!

The press have a hypocritical nerve! When asked whether he had smoked cannabis at university, Mr Cameron said only - "I did lots of things before I entered politics that I shouldn't have done." Brilliant answer to a press full of snorters and sniffers!


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