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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Campaign for an English Parliament - Shropshire Branch Blog

Wonkotsane has published a new blog for the Shropshire Branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament. A lot of good information here about the imbalance now prevailing in the UK due to Blair's cockeyed ideas about constitutional reform.

What other democratic country in the world would accept such politically motivated tinkering with the institutions and the fabric of law making? The more we expose Blair's opportunism and knee-jerk policy formation, the better!



Thanks for the plug. :D

Gone fishin'
Sunday, Oct. 16 -- We're off for a while. Cashed in some frequent flier miles when it looked like US Airways wouldn't be around to celebrate Christmas this year.
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How Weblogs Inc Games Technorati
Nathan posts a good observation on how Weblogs Inc games Technorati with it's "Best of.." posts that pop up once a week or so.
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