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Friday, October 21, 2005

Cart Before The PC Horse?

The Birmingham Post has reported that there is a new charity set up in Brum to try to combat race and hate crime. All well and good, I'd say. Having a cohesive society without hate in it is to be welcomed and supported. However, this charity, Solutions, seems to be putting the cart before the horse.

Speaking at Solutions' launch Unison's political services manager for the West Midlands (whatever that may be!?!), Tony Rabaiotti, said the British National Party had become more dangerous since activists changed the way they dress.

He said: "It's my view that the BNP is the most serious threat to democracy and racial harmony that this country has ever known. That is because they have thrown away their boots and braces and put on their suits under their current leader, Nick Griffin. It has led to them slowly but surely winning political power up and down the country. In recent years, they have been targeting the Black Country and Stoke-on-Trent, because they are areas of high unemployment and disaffected young people."

A couple of points come to my mind. First, I don't think the BNP has actually won any political power up and down the country! Second, his attentions should be aimed towards alleviating the areas of high unemployment and trying to address the reasons why some young people are so disaffected.

With Unison it seems that the subject of the BNP is a bit like foxhunting. Chasing them is more fun than sorting out the real problems. For example, what does this "political services manager" think about the way Sparkbrook has been treated following the recent tornado? A lot of people are still suffering from slow government response. As has been said before, it would have been a lot different if Broad Street was blown away instead!



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