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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

English democracy attracts the fringe!

I am a keen supporter of the establishment of an English Parliament for the English. I think that a lot of the links on this blog would attest to that! England is full of many diverse types but mostly we rub along OK. The current political situation is that there is no separate parliament for England. There are so-called regions, with unelected persons such as business people and trade unionists sitting on the quango-style bodies. Scotland has its own parliament now, but Blair sees no reason to give England any redress for this democratic deficit. I don't suppose he would, really, seeing that his government is there on a minority of the people's support!

All this is about political justice and democratic fairness. We have been sidelined in England where it is now seen as wrong, or even racist, to fly the English flag. The English have been made to feel unsure of their right to be English. It's perfectly OK though for the EU flag to flutter all over the place! However, where I part company with some, is when intrusive questioning about people's loyalties and familial background commands most of their waking hours. Not only that, it appears there are a few who are determined to steamroller their version of Englishness over others and appear immune to civilised debate.

I cannot think for the life of me how this is going to endear them to a wider audience. The English Democrats Party have yet to obtain electoral success by having candidates actually elected. Surely it would be better to attract a wider level of support by being open to the public's questions and desire to debate, rather than being dismissed as "You sanctimonious phoney!" and "I suppose some one utterly lacking in comprehension would post such fatuous comments".

All this came about because I had the temerity on a forum to ask whether "some English Patriots are racists?" Instead of a reasoned debate, it seemed to raise the hackles of some who felt they were being goaded, and then all sorts of weird argument came out, complete with dismissive remarks and quite offensive language. Others came to the defence saying that when a conspiracy is felt (meaning Scots running the country!) feelings run high! In addition, there is a running campaign to enquire about David Cameron's father's birth place! What all this has to do with securing an English Parliament, I fail to see.

In the real world of politics deals have to be struck, alliances forged, and above all there has to be an ability to get on with opponents in the democratic system, otherwise parties go nowhere. I would think that if the EDP wants to gain popular support then members and supporters would do best by putting forward their views cogently without slagging other people off over where they were born and creating litmus tests over English loyalty!


Was it the post on CoSG? I never saw those comments. :-/

Yes it was Wonko, but it won't deflect me from the "cause"! I feel it's just an indication of the level of frustration we have to deal with and hopefully will be softened by electoral advance!

I shall take a look in a moment and exercise my super-powers as required.

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